Our Journey

Hello! Our names are Shelly and Marymay, and we are two girls on our journey of awakening! We felt guided to create a business to spread light, love and help others on their spiritual quest. We hope we can inspire people to connect to their spirit and be guided by the Divine. We were brought together in Divine timing, both beginning our spiritual journey together. Even though we are decades apart in age, we both were searching for the same understanding of higher consciousness. A spiritual awakening is a beautiful process that takes time, work, and intention and is something that brings about a sense of peace and oneness with self. We decided to start this business first off by selling products to help people connect with and become more aware of Spirit. We eventually would like to become a community that supports, shares, and helps anyone who is wanted to start their spiritual path.

Our name, Cosmic Grace, was brought to us through spirit. The meaning of Cosmic to us is the understanding that we are all connected and guided by the Universe. The Universe is infinite, as are we in Spirit. Grace represents the love, favor, and power the Divine gives us unconditionally. We are all infinite, connected, and Divinely loved! More people than ever before are awakening their spirits. The planet is shifting to a higher consciousness, and we can help raise the collective's awareness and light by simply being aware of ourselves and listening to our intuition.

Please feel free to visit our blog, as we have posts about our own personal experiences, hardships, knowledge, and understanding. Our goal is the help people feel supported, understood, heard, and less alone. We know everyone's experience is different and may be challenging and confusing. If you have your own stories, insight, or awareness that you would like to share with us and others, you can email us at cosmicgracemetaphysical@gmail.com.

As always; love your neighbor, love yourself, and spread positivity and light.

Love, Shelly & Marymay